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Visible Marketing offers many different types of adhesive backed vinyls, each with its own characteristics. Most of the vinyls we offer are printable unless noted.

Standard vinyls include:

Removable Adhesive Vinyl generally is used for temporary graphics. In most cases the adhesive will remove cleanly after use. This vinyl is meant especially for POP graphics because, its removable adhesive graphics can be changed often without ruining the mounting surface. We stock vinyls for windows, painted walls and other common mounting surfaces.

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl is used for graphics that are meant to stay up permanently. The adhesive used will generally cause some form of damage on removal so it’s best to choose this vinyl type only when the vinyl will be used for an extended time. Great for wall murals, bumper stickers, decals, etc.

Cut Vinyl is generally used for wording on signs, lettering on walls, decals, and other graphics. Cut Vinyl comes in an assortment of colors and adhesives to work well with any project.

Dusted Vinyl creates the effect of sand blasted windows and can be used in many different ways to create some pretty cool effects!

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