Banners are the most simple, inexpensive and effective form of advertising known to man! Banners make a great temporary sign solution. They are useful anywhere and everywhere. Banners can be mounted to buildings, hung between poles, or mounted on ground stakes. Banners can work where you do!

Visible Marketing offer banners in three materials:

Scrim Banner is a PVC coated scrim, and is the standard banner material. Nothing beats its quality vs price ratio. We can print a scrim banner any size that you can imagine. This material is strong and relatively light weight.

Mesh banner vinyl is great where windy conditions are expected, such as on a chain link fence, between light poles or over a street. The small holes in the banner allows a good amount of air to pass through without causing damage to the banner itself. Visible Marketing can make these banners in any size imaginable.

Fabric Polyester Banners are great for indoor use. These light weight signs can go most anywhere. You’ll find fabric banners in convention centers, in school gyms, as theatrical backdrops, etc. Most Fabric Banners can be printed at any size as well.

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Scrim Banner Options

10oz Matte
13oz Matte (Order this now at

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