Circle Shaped Hanging Signs

Folding Hanging Circles

Hanging Signs

A staple of conventions, Visible Marketing’s Hanging Signs are custom made for any situation. In addition we offer two standard types of hanging signs that can be customized with your design.

Circle shaped hanging signs will give your convention booth space a clean and recognizable look that will be noticed from anywhere at the tradeshow. The framework assembles quickly and easily and the graphic easily pulls over the frame like a pillow case. 3’ tall x 6.5’ in diameter

Folding Hanging Circles are a perfect solution for hanging signage. This 40” diameter sign can be hung from above in almost any situation: retail settings, tradeshows, events, etc. The sign folds down to 1/4th its original size and fits in to a carrying case.

Size Options Available

Circle Shaped – 3′ H x 6.5′ Diameter
Folding Hanging Circle – 40″ Diameter

Additional Options